Linda Coles - Thriller Writer

Most of my day is spent writing for others with my digital marketing work but come the evening, I change into someone quite different – topic wise that is.

I’ve published three marketing books, which you can find here, plus two novels with a more romantic theme under a pen name. If you discover them, I hope you like them but the idea of a pen name is to separate them from your main brand to avoid confusion. I’ll give you a hint though, she’s called Lucy.

Back to thrillers. I’m just about to start my third one, the other two being published in early 2017. They are just getting the editors treatment at the moment but rest assured they will be great and I’ll let you know when they are out. In the mean time, you can subscribe to my newsletter list as a thriller author, which will be completely different stuff from my Blue Banana digital marketing news, so do subscribe! And keep in touch.