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A selection of testimonials from satisfied clients

Testimonials say an awful lot about how you have worked with your clients, so please feel free to read just a few here, and make your own mind up about using Linda Coles or Blue Banana. You will find heaps more on my LinkedIn profile.

“Linda is personable and very professional in her key note presentation. She Knows her subject and gets the message across in a way that engages her audience. I would have no hesitation recommending her to any group or company that want their staff to get a handle on this topic.” Deane Pettit PGG Wrightson

“Linda is an engaging, authorative speaker and author who recently participated in a panel discussion on social media marketing at our annual retail conference. Linda invested significant time and effort in understanding the audience and tailored her presentation accordingly. I highly recommend Linda as a guest speaker on this subject". Daniel Jordon CEO Collins Booksellers

“Linda was a key note speaker at 4 of our regional workshops. The topic was social media and Linda's audience where real estate agents. A few had embraced the subject, but many where still skeptical. Linda walked us through step by step, delivering excellent content at a level everyone could understand. Linda's content proves she is the absolute expert in this field." Teresa Weiss Training Manager Barfoot & Thompson

“I had the opportunity to introduce Linda as a guest speaker at our National Conference. Linda was able to take an audience of middle age accountants with varying degrees of knowledge and open their eyes to the world of social networking, online strategies and to discuss future trends. Thank you Linda" Tony Hood William Buck

“The session I had with Linda and my senior management team was extremely useful and gave us all a great insight into the world of social media. Very practical and hands on. Thanks so much Linda Sean McDonald, ICONZ

“Linda’s experience in social media has greatly enhanced our SM strategy. She’s provided, and is continuing to provide on an ongoing basis, valuable advice and applications to help optimize our activity. Her consultancy lives on beyond the physical workshops through twitter, her blogs and other SM platforms.” Louise Harrison, Telecom

“We contracted Linda to present "The Emerging Power of Social Media" Seminar for us last night. WOW she is outstanding. linda was engaging and informative and most importantly an absolute powerhouse of information and expertise on Social Media. I can't speak highly enough of Linda and from the amazing feedback we got from all who attended the feeling is mutual! Thanks Linda it's not often you meet someone who goes way beyond your expectations but you certainly did! I would highly recommend Linda to anyone wanting to gain some clarity and understanding on how to use Social Media to build connections and grow business". Sally Cooke, Director, Tuskany

“Linda is a fantastic speaker who communicates effortlessly with her audience. The knowledge she is prepared to share in regards to e-business, social networking and on-line development is exceptional. Her presentations are humorous, fascinating and never dull - with great multimedia content thrown in. A true professional on the cutting edge of her field!” Tom O'Neil , Professional / Keynote Speaker

“I asked Linda to present to a group of senior HR and Recruitment professionals (approx 50) at a recent Human Resources Institute (HRINZ) seminar. Linda was a very confident and engaging speaker and knew her subject very well being Social Media. We had some very positive feedback from the attendees who gained value and insight from her presentation. Great work!” Paul Leacock, Blacksmith

"If you are confused by social media and want to maximize traffic to your company website then I do not hesitate to recommend Linda. Her training is clear and concise and very practical. It is in plain English, which is important if you are not very IT savvy. She ensures you get an understanding of not only the "how" but also the "why" and her continuing support is outstanding. You want to learn about social media, then hire the best - Blue Banana” Sarah Lochead-MacMillan SLM Group

“Linda provided and interesting and passionate social media seminar for our business. The session was well organized, concise and provided for all levels of understanding which I know I appreciated. I would consider Linda to be an expert in her field and would thoroughly recommend Linda's services to anyone who wants to get on board the social media train. Fantastic service.” Tim Norman, Life Care Consultants

“Linda has a way of making IT come alive to the non-believers! She has the ability to convince even dinosaurs such as me that the internet is a valuable business tool. Her knowledge of and passion for business and social networking sites such as Linked In and Twitter is phenomenal - I could not recommend her highly enough." Jacqui Matthews-Harris, Blackcat Consulting Ltd

“I have recently used Linda to maximize the impact of my website and make sure that it was working for me. Previous advice from those in Linda's field has been somewhat opaque and not terribly helpful for someone such as I, who isn't really IT-minded. Linda's clarity of thought, explanation and then execution have been outstanding and I will be using her again.” June 12, 2009

Nick Davies LLB (hons), Barrister Really Great Training

“If your ailing website needs a face lift, or you need some pro-active assistance on web-based projects - Linda is the person to call. I find Linda consistently professional, friendly and helpful. What more could I want?” Justine Orme, Innovative foods

"Linda ran a workshop for our Blackcat networking group on the use of business & social media sites in developing your brand through the internet. The feedback was fantastic, her presentation style was relaxed, helpful and very informative and she made the subject-matter come alive. As a result most of the delegates are now ready to press the button and are excited & confident about entering a new world. I would have no hesitation recommending Linda to anyone" - Andrew Harris, Director, Blackcat Consulting