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Linda Coles: International Speaker, Author and Trainer -  Social Media, Personal Brand and Behavioural Styles

Get a great content driven, light bulb moment presenter for your event and your CEO will love you forever. There are three presentations for 2016 to choose from:

Get on Their Wavelength

Have you ever felt that your team just doesn’t think like you do? Do you find it incredibly frustrating? Let me show you with Extended DISC® behavioural profiles, just who you have in your team and exactly how they like to be communicated to, and ease your aggravation at the same time.

By finding out where each member sits on the quadrant, your team will have a greater understanding of how each team member thinks and processes work situations, so you are on the same wavelength. You can all then get on and enjoy a productive and communication-rich workplace. This is a must-attend presentation, particularly for those in sales.

The Brand of You

The way we search online has changed – we now search for an individual’s name given to us by our own connections and friends. Whether it’s for recruitment, or someone looking for a new accountant or real estate agent, people are Googling the individual and making a judgment based on what they see.

Think about developing the brand of you.com. Ask yourself, what is it you want to be known for? How do you want others to see you and what do you need to do, both on and offline? This presentation will provide practical tips to kick-start you on your way.

Life Online

Mastering online social platforms made easy!

A thought-provoking, content-packed presentation that is a hit with every audience, whether Gen X, Y or something else!

With humour and real life stories, this presentation will show what you have to do next to increase your online brand and how to do it. Get immediately empowered to use the social media tools to improve brand awareness and, ultimately, your bottom line. This is a great presentation for small businesses that wish to make more of their brand online.

Whatever you're looking for ....

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You can download my speaking brochure here as well as my A.V needs and bio.