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Social Media Done For You

If you are a business that feels a little nervous about ‘doing it right’, don’t know where to start or you have no time to invest in it yourself then I can take the problem away. I’ve added it to my services for a monthly fee, no time period contract to adhere to, just a monthly fee based on a set menu of options.

Our first session will be a planning session, which will be documented, and this is what I will work to, ensuring that relevant content is delivered to the right platforms and the marketing gets traction. Simple. You can find out more about getting your social media done for you here.

Of course, LinkedIn is my specialty, which many other agencies don’t touch because they don’t know how to get the most from it. If you are in the B2B space, it’s a no-brainer, you need a presence there so let me do it for you. With an Extended DISC® profile of S and I, community and creativity come naturally to me so why not take advantage and make use of it?

Social Media Coaching / Mentoring

Working together for your preferred time period ensures you understand the best possible way to get the most from your efforts, and that starts with knowing what content your audience would like to see. Without content that works, the platforms are useless to you. A planning session followed by regular help means you will be off to the best possible start, and you can go it alone when you feel ready. Some never wish to. Drop me a line to discuss what you need.

Tailored LinkedIn Workshops

As the world’s biggest business to business only networking site with more than 500 million business people registered, are you getting the most out of this online networking event? If I said there were CEOs and Business Owners meeting at a local venue, would you take a drive to join in the conversation and put yourself in their space? I bet you would, but now you don’t even need to take a drive. It’s online, 24/7.

More on a LinkedIn workshop here.

Social Media Planning Session

Before you launch onto any social media platform, do you know what you are trying to achieve, what your audience wants to hear, where they hang out online and what your audience look like? Facebook might not necessarily be the place for you if your audience is some place else such as on LinkedIn.

At the end of the session, you will know not only what content your viewers want to hear about, but where it will come from and what it will look like. A chance to set time-line goals here too.

Email me to find out about getting off to the best possible start, or feel free to call 021 675 745. Auckland time zone.