Mature Cheese Seeks Cracker Body

Mature Cheese Seeks Cracker Body contains 100 tips to help you grow your business. Topics include customer service, sales & marketing, data & decision, team and productivity. Each one is designed to make you think, both inside and outside the box and then take action if it’s appropriate. 

I compiled this book of business tips to share what we each see and experience on a daily basis. We know what excellent customer service feels like, yet our own businesses can be guilty of delivering mediocre. Why is that? What can we do about it? Now you can see examples as well as suggestions on rectifying the problem – all right here in this book. The same applies for the remaining topics.

Use the tips wisely, then pass on what you’ve learnt to someone else.

You can buy the Smart Tips book from here. Please note, it is copyrighted content, it is not permitted to reuse. I will see it!

You can purchase any of my fiction and non-fiction books from Amazon at this link.


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