Let’s Move On - With Facebook Or Without It

Get walkingBy now I expect you have heard that Facebook has changed the newsfeed algorithm again and everyone is moaning about it – marketers that is.

Facebook has said they want to give more airtime to conversations between people so you will see more posts from your friends rather than from brands. Personally, I think this is a good thing, because it’s human conversation that Facebook was built for and we joined for. If the platform we have chosen to use (For free remember) wants to make changes, we either work with them or find somewhere else to hang out. I’ve often said Facebook will become friends’ updates and adverts and not much else in between and this is a step closer– that’s how they make their money.

So what does it mean for you? Simple, it means you need an advertising budget; even a very small one and you need to have proper conversations with those on your page.

It’s also a wake up call not to put all your eggs into one basket – a social basket. Building an audience on borrowed land could be fraught with disappointment ahead so what are you doing to build your email subscriber list? That, my friends, is building on your own land, with no one to answer to. Just remember to keep a back-up copy of it someplace safe and update it monthly.

Mailchimp have seen the opportunity, and today's email update from them included how to create an email sign-up pop-up form to add to your site and gather email addresses. It’s quick and simple and looks good.

For those yelling ‘email is dead!’ it’s not yet and won’t be for some considerable time and you still read emails don't you?

So in closing, play by the new rules to make Facebook work for you, and at the same time continue to build something on your own turf. It’s a solid and safe bet.

Posted: Tuesday 23 January 2018