10 Marketing Thoughts And Musings

By Linda Coles

Marketing cartoon

I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts and musings I have gathered over the years of online marketing because I know that some will stick with you. Most are my own musings, some are from others but I couldn’t say who because how do you know who said what all the time?

Here goes:

  1. Sales copy in your newsletters only works when someone is ready to buy and only then.
  2. Social media sites are all rented real estate so keep that in mind when developing your online “database’.
  3. Email marketing works because they know you already.
  4. When looking at your Facebook page reach, think about those actually online rather than your total fans. If they are not online, how are they expected to see your post, algorithm or not?
  5. Facebook is your coffee shop of conversation, and LinkedIn is your boardroom of conversation. Keep the two separate.
  6. No one cares about your product or service, only about how you can ease their problems.
  7. People do business with people, not companies.
  8. It's not the small that get eaten, it’s the slow that get beaten.
  9. Develop your email database. As long as people subscribe, it’s yours to keep.
  10. It takes time to build a following. Start today, not tomorrow.

What marketing piece of advice or thoughts can you add to this list? Add them to the comments below so we can all appreciate them. Linda

Posted: Thursday 13 March 2014