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I don't post here anymore, but post regularly as an influencer on Linkedin.

You can find my articles here.

7 Modern day ways to leave a lasting impression

Dale Carnegie wrote a fantastic book back in 1936 that really spelled out How to Win Friends and Influence People, and in my view it was so successful and continues to be successful because it contains such a lot of common sense about treating others how we ourselves like to be treated.

6 ways to control your LinkedIn privacy settings

“Privacy is on life support” is a saying I heard recently and I am not just talking about what you say on Twitter or Facebook.

We are all pretty much up with the play with our Facebook privacy settings, but have you thought about what privacy settings you should be using on your LinkedIn profile if any?

Collective Dairy - All the right mooves

Whilst there is still a lot of debate about how to get the most out of social media, doing the “rights” and steering clear of the “wrongs”, there is nothing quite as good as a good old fashioned example – a smallish company who is doing it very right.

Facebook Fatigue or Facebook Fascination?

Over the last few months, Facebook has gone through some exciting times with their float recently, but also during that time, there have been some big changes to how things run on the site.

15 Grammar mistakes to avoid - Great Infographic

Now you are spending so much time writing great posts for your blog and website, steer clear of these grammar mistakes to keep your great reputation in tact. Some very simple ones we can all be guilty of. I love the use of this infographic!

Where are you feeding - Facebook or LinkedIn?

If you are in business it’s important to spend some time building a great business connection base, but how are you currently doing it?

How to bug me on LinkedIn

As a business person, investing in building your network is a vital part of your success and LinkedIn is a great tool for doing this.

But for some reason, when we network online, we really forget how to communicate with the person on the other end of the computer. In fact we forget that there even is a real person on the other end of the computer. Basic real life etiquette flies out of the window as we try and do everything at a trillion miles an hour to get connected, friended, followed and now pinned to as many people as possible.

Watch Out, Web Watchers About

Call them what you like, web watchers, social stalkers or plain and simple voyeurs; they are all doing the same thing, watching you online.

That’s not meant to sound creepy, I refer to those people that are quite happy cruising around the web and watching what is being said and what others are up to in either a business sense or social sense, it really doesn’t matter.

LinkedIn etiquette - Helping you stand out from the crowd

Very few people ignore you in a real life face-to-face networking situations.  So why do they do it to you online? The simple answer is because they probably don't even realize that they are! Be honest, do you follow up every Linkedin connection request you get? No, probably not.  I bet you click "accept", and that is as far as you go.

LinkedIn create company pages

Just like Facebook created their version of a company page, now so have Linkedin, but the appeal of having a company page on Linkedin, is the professional business orientated community it sits in. With 80 million business members, who wouldn’t want a business page there? There certainly won’t be anyone asking you to join his or her Farmville game!

A Passion for Networking

By Galia BarHava-Monteith, co-director of www.professionelle.co.nz 20 September 2010

Time and time again at Professionelle we get asked: why are we so passionate about networking for women?

Foursquare - Social media for retailers

It’s been going for little over a year, and already Foursquare is taking on a life of its own. With its increase in popularity, particularly in the bigger towns, it’s certainly a great tool to be able to include bricks and mortar businesses into the social media world. The idea behind it is to simply help people meet up with friends whilst they are out, and make new friends at the same time.

The impersonal electronic age: Does it need to be so impersonal or can we use it to our advantage?

If you are familiar with Dale Carnegie’s bestselling book “How to win friends and influence people”, you will know that he talks a great deal of common sense when dealing with others, but unfortunately, common sense is not that common in our very hectic, stressful and electronic age. 

Are you selling yourself short on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the biggest business to business networking online site in the world, with around 70 million business people looking to connect, and by my calculations, around 250,000 of them are here in New Zealand.

Did Bizzone miss a trick?

What is so special about a business exhibition these days? If you have been to one, have you been to them all? Or if you went last year, will it be the same this year?

Getting the most out of running your LinkedIn group

Running your own group on LinkedIn is a great way to make new connections, and put yourself forward as a leader of your field. But a group is a bit like a website, it’s easy to set up, but needs some time and effort to keep the momentum going and the group growing.

Changes to LinkedIn’s user agreement

You may be aware of a few changes to the LinkedIn user agreement that came into force last month (March, 2010), and so it is worth taking note of what some of the important things to avoid are.

Twitter Lists - Public or Private?

I thought it about time to do a quick update on the new things that have been added to Twitter and Tweetdeck to make things even simpler to use. Not only can you have columns on Tweetdeck to make keeping up with your favorite Tweeters simple, but they also filter through to Twitter Lists too.

Useful LinkedIn statistics as of October 2009

It is always interesting to see where social networking sites sit for New Zealand, and LinkedIn in no exception. Having just made it to 50 million worldwide this month, New Zealand is chugging along nicely.

Social media do's and dont's

It is important to get the best out of your social media efforts and not waste your time. By following this list of social media do’s and don’ts, your efforts will not be wasted.

Twitter and Linkedin success story

Some time ago, I was asked during a Linkedin discussion if Twitter really worked because the chap was skeptical and thought it could be a waste of time. I pointed him the direction of an article on this site called Getting Started with Twitter. He read it, added a link to it from his own site and got to work. Find out what happened

Retail principles still apply online

Now that we can all shop online, or find a service like a plumber online, those of you that have an online business need to take a good hard look at the website you are offering.  “What on earth for” I hear you ask, “it’s only 3 years old”.

Getting the content right for your website

Most of us are not writers; we would probably freely agree, so when it comes to writing something important like the content of your website, you either do

So your website isn’t getting you the results you want?

Give it the kick up the website butt it needs! If you are not showing up on the first 3 search pages of Google for your particular search phrase, you’re toast.

Wondering why you aren’t getting much website traffic?

A quick and informative article on why not and what you can do.

Here's an easy, fast and cost-effective email marketing idea for you

These days, all businesses, no matter what size, want to stay in contact with their customers with regular email newsletters - but sometimes ...

Starting out with LinkedIn.com

The possibilities are endless, and some may say more constructive than other social media vehicles, so let’s show you how you can make the most out of LinkedIn quickly.

Do you know what your Website Conversion Rate is and how to maximise it?

It is great to have lots of generated traffic to your website and ranking number 3 on the first page of Google for that search term, but if your site is not converting

Pay Per Click – The First Steps to Getting it Right

Without a doubt Pay Per Click advertising is an effective method to immediately bring

7 Warning signs to send your SEO “expert” packing.

In these sticky economic times, companies all over are looking at their websites to get more out of them, and quite rightly so. Make them work like a paid employee

What is a blog and why should I use one?

Blogging is a method of sharing information over the internet for work, pleasure or both. Blogs are often described as an online diary, with dated posts displayed chronologically.

Is Your Web Site as Good as Your Favorite Bistro? A Recipe for Online Success
Just before the New Year, I was having lunch with my good friend, a restaurateur; I'll call him Chef M. We were eating at one of Chef M's two highly regarded, very successful

How to start out with Twitter and the Twitter tools.

In the name of keeping things really easy, and that's what we do, if you are just starting out with Twitter, here are a few tools that will keep it simple.

Why bother with Social Media - LinkedIn and Twitter?

Nearly everyone has heard something about social media, whether it is Bebo, Facebook or the more business oriented LinkedIn and Twitter, but who really knows much about

10 Ways to get more out of LinkedIn by Guy Kawasaki

When Guy Kawasaki blogged about the "Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn", LinkedIn had 8.5 million users in 130 industries. Since then it’s grown to over 12 million users covering 147

Heard of Twitter yet? Micro blogging is here to stay

If 2007 was the year for Facebook, 2008 and beyond is definitely for Twitter.com. Called micro blogging, it is aimed at the busy person to share what they are doing now. With only 140

Tom Peters - Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion of Business Owners and Entrepreneurship

40 Ways to deliver killer blog content

If one of your goals for 2009 is to have a killer blog, then you won't go far wrong if you read and use the 40 tips below. Chrisbrogan.com is a master blogger and has given

Are you using the right keywords?

Take a look at your own website, are you even using keywords? Do you know what a keyword is let alone a negative keyword?

Choosing an Auto Responder and Online Newsletter Service

There are so many different options for online newsletters and auto responders to choose from. When choosing a company that can offer you an auto responder service ....

So, you've heard of affiliate marketing?

To put it very simply, affiliate marketing is sharing website traffic to make a sale, a sale you would not have had if you did not have that relationship.