Linda Coles, host and trainer

Linda Coles, your trainer and host

Matarangi beach is just five minutes walk away.

Our training and dining room.

Hi, I'm Linda Coles and I write British crime novels. 

I developed the DC Jack Rutherford and DS Amanda Lacey series back in 2017 and have watched them and their colleagues grow over time, via their work as well as their personal lives. Jack, is a bit of a 'Maigret', smart and soft-hearted. And as for Amanda? Maybe a younger ‘Vera’, dedicated, honourable and savvy. Unlike Vera, she wears well-polished Dr. Martens boots with her sensible work suit. That should tell you something of her nature.

Together the duo work on crimes in Croydon, England, usually featuring ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. I do like to give them modern cases to solve, quite often involving technology or the dark web for a bit of extra intrigue.

My other series features newly licensed Private Investigator Chrissy Livingstone who is sassy, the polar opposite of her high maintenance sister Julie, and happy to get her hands dirty. And she does!

Next up, is a brand-new series featuring an old character, Billy Peters who is now all grown up and ready for his own adventure. The Will Peters series will be out from August 2021.

I've written sixteen books so far, including four non-fiction books on marketing through my publisher, Wiley. You can find my website at lindacoles.com.

I do hope you can join in the relaxed though extremely important learning at a wonderful beach location. See you soon!


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