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I'm Doing Good in 2018 - Food For Thought

This year, I’m doing some good and you can join me.

I’m putting aside, two separate 45 minute slots per month to work on projects with those that need assistance, but may not have much budget to spend. In return for my time and brainpower, they’ll pay what they feel our session was worth but in food bank donations.

Countdown and The Salvation Army have got together to create New Zealand’s first online food bank where anyone can go and donate food parcels for those in need – all done online. Called The Foodbank Project, I see it being a real winner!

Donators can donate complete food bundles, essential’s bundles, hygiene bundles, single items or cash donations. And it all goes to those in need – and not just at Christmas.

The catchy name for my initiative? Food For Thought. I thought that fitted rather well.

If you’d like to book your time and donate to a worthy cause at the same time, drop me a line and I'll send you a calendar link. Space will fill up fast, there are only 2 slots per month so get in quick.

If you are a business that would like to take part and offer your own services in exchange for food bank donations, let me know at the same email address as above. We might make it a New Zealand wide thing! The more the merrier I say!

(Due to demand, I have to limit it to New Zealand businesses for the moment).