Newsletter Content For Consultants

Newsletter content targeted to the busy consultant or accountant

Creating helpful and not hypeful content can be hard. After all, we are bombarded daily with marketing messages but it’s of no use to us unless we are looking to buy immediately. The rest of the time, the content is simply wasted, landing on deaf ears.

So what are you supposed to send out to your clients to keep in touch with them until they are ready to purchase from you again?

Simple, you need to send them something that solves their problems.

As a Consultant or Accountant, your clients have probably got problems with:

  1. Their team
  2. Their sales and marketing
  3. Their customer service
  4. Their data and decisions
  5. Their productivity

And those topics are what you'll find here.

The posts are short and simple, usually between 100 and 400 words and many include an action point to work on for that week. Use them to keep in touch with your database via your email newsletter.

By sending your clients short, relevant and practical information, not only are you being helpful, you are adding value to the service you provide to them, increasing your chances of a long lasting work relationship and great referrals!

Why not join the others that are keeping their clients updated with thought provoking tips each week?