Brand This Book As Your Own

Start with Hello

Think about branding a great business book by putting your own logo on the front, a foreword message inside and giving copies to your team or clients as gifts.

Great communication is way up there on top of the list when it comes to developing relationships successfully, and any help you can give your team or clients in this area will be greatly appreciated.

We all want to have a great business network in place to create those special opportunities, so we need to be comfortable in talking to more strangers.

Packed full of practical advice and stories of how others have successfully started conversations with strangers and turned them into clients, business connections and also friends, the book gives you the tools and confidence to make it happen for yourself.

Not only can the book be branded with your own company logo on the front, there is also an opportunity to write the foreword message and your own company advertising or business content on up to 6 pages, so a really useful gift from you. You can also change the front and back cover entirely to suit you.

There are two options. The addition of your logo on the front page at the top and a 2 page foreword from yourself or a full cover redesign and up to 6 pages for your own message. Both options are for 500 units or more. Delivery will take around 6 weeks so please plan ahead.

Knowledge sharing is a great way to keep in touch with your valued clients so why not share some great knowledge along with your own marketing message at the same time. After all, we like to do business with those we like, know and trust.

To order or chat further, please contact or call +64 21 675 745