Are you an accounting firm? If so, read on.

Right now, it’s never been so easy for your client to manage their own compliance and financials. The intuitive online tools available from the likes of Xero and even the IRD, has made the accounting side of business so much easier to DIY.

Online accounting tools also have a flip side. It’s never been so easy for your existing clients to transfer to another firm, and at any time during a financial year. Does your practice have a client retention and acquisition plan in place in order to expand as other firms shrink?

You may service your top-tier clients by speaking to them regularly, but what about the rest? It’s those that are most likely look for extra support – perhaps elsewhere. Since businesses can manage their own compliance and tax easy enough, what ALL your clients need now, is advice on how to grow their business.

What Are Smart Tips?

For the past eight years, I have supplied accounting firms up and down the country with a simple mechanism that adds value to their client base each week in the form of a brief but powerful Smart Tip.

You will likely already send a regular newsletter but what value does it add when compliance updates and staff changes have been removed? Smart Tips are not meant to replace it but are additional to it.

Smart Tips are thought provoking and actionable bite-sided pieces based around the five topics every business needs to focus on:

•Sales & Marketing

•Customer Service



•Data & Decisions

Here's an example:

As your clients become to appreciate Smart Tips, you may find the emails are forwarded  on to their own network taking your brand with it. Since the receiver might see their own accountant as nothing more than an annual invoice themselves, they may well be looking to move.

You’ll be ready and top of mind.

The Solution

If you would like a FREE trial of Smart Tips, please contact me. The trial costs you nothing, so drop me an email to get started. Smart Tips are a positive way to nurture your client relationships and build new.

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