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Get a great content driven, light bulb moment presenter for your event and your CEO will love you forever. There are four presentations to choose from:

Linda Coles  

#1 The Brand of You

Start working on standing out.

"Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room" - Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

Working with a tight economy, restructuring, and new ways of doing business, the competition for a position or sale has become intense, so who shines out above everyone else in that situation? It’s those people that are spending the time developing their own personal brand in a positive way.

With the online channels giving us a soapbox to amplify our message, what else are we giving away, perhaps without even realizing it?

As a professional, think about developing the brand of Ask yourself, what is it you want to be known for and how do you want others to see you.

This presentation will show you how to put your best digital foot forward.

If this is for your audience, contact me today.


#2  Touch Point Process

Get more from your existing client base.

A successful client touch point program will increase revenue by:

  • Increasing purchase frequency
  • Increase awareness of other products and services available
  • Increase referrals
  • Increase loyalty to the company rather than just the individual
  • Increase the return of effort for new employees

Touch point programs should be a mixture of both digital and in person contact, so if you want to develop your digital prowess and increase your revenue with your existing client base, this workshop or presentation is for you. Giving you the what, the why and then the how, you will see exactly what you need to do and what tools you should be using to get started.

If this is for your audience, contact me today.


#3 Start with Hello 

How to convert today’s stranger into tomorrow’s client

People buy from people they know, like and trust, so get to know more people!

Talking to strangers does not come naturally to everyone. That’s where this presentation can help. It guides you through the key skills you need to learn to start building effective relationships. By developing the art of saying hello to someone you don’t know and starting a brief conversation you will be able to develop productive, profitable business relationships easily.

If this is for your audience, contact me today.

#4 Life Online

Mastering the online social platforms made easy!

A thought provoking, practical and content packed presentation that is a hit with every audience whether they are X, Y or something else!

With humour and real-life stories, your audience will have no trouble understanding what they have to do next to increase their online brand presence the best way possible and why it’s important that they do.

A Facebook page on it’s own may not make the phone ring off the hook. Does their business even need a Facebook page or are they better off spending time elsewhere? Where exactly is elsewhere? There is so much to consider with the resources they have.

Empower your audience to use the right social media online tools for their business and improve their brand presence and ultimately their bottom line. 

If this is for your audience, contact me today.

"Thank you very much for your excellent presentation at our conference yesterday. I admire people who can hold the attention of an audience for an hour, include humour to help keep that attention, and at the same make useful and pertinent points about the subject matter of the presentation. I am sure all our attendees will be taking advantage of this knowledge and will be implementing it into their business model. Well done! I think your book “Start with Hello!” should be compulsory reading in all secondary schools."

Martyn Perkinson, Crest Commercial Cleaning



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 "Just a brief note to sincerely thank you for an absolute stunning presentation at the recent Rotary conference. I found it fascinating and learnt so much from you Linda.  Your style ,content, material, delivery and of course your gorgeous smile just captured 600 colleagues leaving us with many and varied take aways.  The feed back has been superb and that from a generation likely to be challenged by your message. Can’t wait to see you on TED". Roy Austin,

“Linda is personable and very professional in her key note presentation. She Knows her subject and gets the message across in a way that engages her audience. I would have no hesitation recommending her to any group or company that want their staff to get a handle on this topic.” Deane Pettit PGG Wrightson


I have presented to or worked with Microsoft, Westpac, Transpower, the NZ Realtors Association, Wolters Kluwer, PGG Wrightson, Harcourts, Collins Booksellers, ICONZ, EBOS, Barfoot & Thompson, CPA, NZ Law Society, CAANZ, the University of Auckland Business School and many more.





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